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We help you get your business in front of your customers!

Tired of spending a lot of money on advertising without seeing any results? Look no further! With Digit-AD, you can get visibility on screens in various high-traffic locations, including restaurants, supermarkets, gyms, and shopping centers, starting at just $1 per day.

ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, Targeted outdoor ads for

Tech Startups


Marketing agencies 

Billboards owners

Video Blogger
Confectionery Shop Owner
Modern Creative Office

Increase sales by 50%

Get 80% asset ROI

Reduce advertising costs by 30%

Get additional 20% revenue

What's more, it is easy to use.

Upload your content, launch and get visibility

A one-stop shop that delivers your ads across all outdoor places




Have visibility on all our advertising spaces in your city using a single platform from anywhere starting from $1 !


You are the boss!

We design your communication materials for free. No interaction with an agency required.

Select the screens, upload your content and submit your ads. Our team is there to help you to get you the visiblity you need.

Join our network of screens!

Your TV screen in your store can bring you additional cash from now!

Earn additional cash flow

Support businesses growth with your screens

Screen partner

Be visible!


A wallet system and history of all your campaign 

With our integrated wallet system, you pay as you go. You have full control over your budget and can decide to stop, change your content or restart the campaign at any time. This allows you to save money and get visibility when you need it most.


We're not just another app; we're your partner in business growth. Don't just take our word for it.

"Website traffic increased -
Our budget didn't"

When we launched our e-commerce platform for high-end products, it was difficult for us to get customers. After a friend recommended the Digit-AD platform, we started using their screens in prestigious places like restaurants and hotels. It was the best solution for us, able to target the right audience and so effective.

Diane Ngani

Founder & CEO of Miesaa

They trust us!

Get notify soon as screens are available in your city

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