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We enable intelligent outdoor advertising

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Our Mission

Our mission is to decentralize and enable low-cost intelligent outdoor advertising on African streets for businesses and to support the transition of our partners into the programmatic out of home advertising.


With our technology, we allows small businesses with a budget equal to one dollar, to have access to high-tech communication tools. Solutions that can only be affort by large corporate in the continent. In this way, Digit-AD democratizes the accessibility of outdoor advertising and increase the return on investment of these businesses, which will lead to their growth and enabling them to be more efficient given their limited financial resources.

Our Purpose

Our Vision is to give a borderless advertising solution to businesses in Africa by offering advertising spaces of partners across the continent on a single platform. By doing so, we enable partners like retailers to have additional income from advertising other businesses on their screens inventory inside their premises.

Developing partnership with existing local retailers, shops, and media agencies by onboarding their available screens on the platform, we are able to create a circular economy and a common vision for the growth of the continent.

Suistainability plays also a major roles in our goals. By promoting the digital outdoor advertising, we help our partners to reduce fuel emissions from the travel required to set up new physical traditionnal outdoor advertising (e.g., transporting materials such as paper, print... to and from advertising units). Tons of paper and CO2 footprint can be saved by switching to digital advertising. Digital signage has the upper hand on the green issues and instantly eliminating paper waste. 

Collaborating at Work

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